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Satisfied Clients

"One of the most professional and thorough editors I have used! Excellent work. I am so happy with my final product."   - Bryan T.

"Thank you so much for your feedback! Worth much more than your fee! I will definitely be back with more stories for you to edit. I love your idea about the ending. I was seriously hoping someone would step in with a brilliant idea! You have inspired me."   - Jill B.

"Cyndi is an excellent transcriptionist! She's transcribed hundreds of files for us. Difficult audio, thick accents, multiple speakers, technical terminology, you name it. Whatever the audio/video content may be, Cyndi does a great job. One of the best!"   - Steve M.

“Cyndi is extremely detail oriented which makes her the perfect proofreader. After working with her a short time, I knew that I did not have to second guess or re-proof her work and that has saved me a lot of time! Cyndi doesn’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions or offer suggestions for improvement.”  -  Sheila G.

"You did an amazing job and pretty much overnight, though I gave you far more time for the deadline. I also appreciated the savvy questions you asked before we started, so your delivered manuscript was just what I needed."    - Wendy M.

I'd love to add a picture of your novel! 

Contact me for a sample edit and a price quote today. 

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